iPhone App: TRIbune

We were waiting for the launch of an App for iPhone.

Dr. Ferdinand Kiemeneij, who is the inventor of transradial coronary intervention (TRI) and one of my best friends for many years, has been spending hist lot of energy for the development of this application for iPhone.

As everybody knows, TRI has been developed and distributed around the world through the many people’s contribution, who love TRI and are brave to fight against unreasonable offending pressure. TRI is just only one method for coronary or other-field intervention and different from the other methods only in terms of the access site. However, it, from the beginning, involved an intrinsic power to change the world. We, who used to be still young, were completely fascinated by this power.

The style of the propagation of the technique of TRI has been different from the way in the traditional coronary intervention. We utilized small-party live demonstration and/or discussion, Internet mailing list or bulletin board, and Internet Web Site or Blog frequently. These kinds of communication provided the power for us to overcome any borders separating us due to differences in time, geographical, linguistic, cultural, and so on.

Now, I am very pleased to hear from my friend Ferdinand the news that he finally uploaded his application “TRIbune” in AppStore.
This application is a gift from the inventor of TRI, Dr. Kiemeneij to everybody, who loves and is willing to promote TRI, in order to memorize and congratulate for the 20 years’ Anniversary of TRI, which started on August 12, 1992 at OLVG Hospital in Amsterdam, Holland.
By using this application, we can update any knowledge surrounding TRI. Enjoy it!

At the end of this blog report, I attach the content of his mail:

Dear Shigeru,

I am happy to inform you that my App is available in the AppStore. 

Could you post this news on your famous blog? That would be of great help.
Please give feedback and criticism.

Best regards,


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